"Hi Ian, got my Ps last week. Thanks again for the driving lessons, they were greatly appreciated - will definitely recommend you to others" (Chloe) 24 Aug 2017

"Hannah passed!! A big thank you!!" (Kim) 11 Apr 2017

"Tara has her P's! Thank you for your lessons" (Jane) 11 Apr 2017

"Good news Lil is a P Plater 100% on her test, thank U for your help Ian" (ML) 2 Mar 2017

"Thank you. You helped so much. I def wouldn't have passed without your help" (Meg) 10 Jan 2017

"Ian letting you know Thomas got his Licence. Thanks for your assistance." (Angela) 22 Dec 2016

"Thank you Ian. He got them" (David) 17 Nov 2016

"Hi Ian just letting you know Joe got his P's today! Thankyou for all your assistance." (Maree) 15 Nov 2016

"Hi Ian, William here. Just letting you know I passed my test, thankyou for all the Help!" (William) 1 Nov 2016

"Hey Ian, It's Cathy ~ just letting you know that Alec passed his P's test today (Cathy) 5 Oct 2016

"Hi Ian. Just letting you know that I passed my P's test. 101 ticks 5 circles. Thanks for your training!" (Elliott) 4 Jul 2016

"peter and myself would just like to thank you for all your great support and help we would love to recommend geared 4 success to other learner drivers as we are so happy with your company fantastic and again thank you Ian" (Malcolm) 27 May 2016

"Hey it's Charlie, didn't pass today. I forgot my shoulder checks on a couple of turns. I'll try again next week" (Charlie) 28 Jun 2016

"Hi this is Cassandra, I did my P's test again and I passed, I lost one point." (Cassandra 10 Jun 2016

"Hi Ian just letting you know Alyssa got her P's todday. Thanks for your help!" (her Mum) 22 Apr 2016

"I got them, thanks for all your help!! (Carly) 10 November 2015

"Just a quick note to let you know that Amanda passed her driving test yesterday and we are now the proud (nervous) parents of a P Plate driver. Thank you for all your help and guidance in assisting Amanda to this point". (Sharon) 9 November 2015

"Just letting you know that I got my P's and your advice was very helpful in doing so thank you" (Jason) 13 October 2015

"Just wanted to say "thankyou" for your help - Rhys got 100% in his P plate test today..." (Sharon) 13 October 2015

"Claudia got her Ps!...Thank you for all your support" (Jacq) 3 October 2015

"Just wanted to let u know that Kaleb got his P's and he is sooooo happy!! So thank you for teaching him and giving him the confidence behind the wheel" (Kim) 23 Sptember 2015

"Thanks very much for your time spent with Jesse, he has gained a lot of knowledge and skills that we wouldn't have taught him..thankyou!!!" (Sharon and Darren) 19 June 2015

"Thankyou for helping Ben. I just wanted to let you know he passed! You gave hime some great advice. Regards (Bridget) dated 25 March 2015

"Thanks so much for all your help Ian, I couldn't have passed without your help. Thanks a lot" (Jake) 18 February 2015

"I'm just letting you know I passed my test, thank you so much for the support and teaching that you've offered over the past several months". (Finlay) dated 4 December 2014.

"Thank you for your support and feedback Ian ...your patience, knowledgable instruction has been great preparation. He trusts you and enjoyed working with you". (Jenny) dated 26 November 2014.

"Thanks Mr Baird, I did my test today and got them! Thank you so much for all your help". (Hannah) dated 23 February 2014

About the Driver Training Program on offer:

• Knowledgeable and experienced driving instructor and teacher who is up to date with the New South Wales graduated licensing system

• A focus on driver safety and risk reduction to empower driving students with lifelong habits

Geared4Success Driving School aims to produce safe and confident drivers and to assist leaner drivers passing their driving test

• The ability to learn in an automatic or manual vehicle
• The learner driver vehicles are fitted with dual controls

• The driving instructor is a qualified teacher with over 36 years experience teaching High School students

A patient instructor with over 30 years of experience of improving the knowledge and skills of learner drivers

• Individual instruction is provided

• Logbook guidance and test preparation given

• Senior driver coaching and assessment also available

• Hazard Perception Test guidance

• Discount packages available for a course of driving lessons.

Are you 25 years of Age or older?

To complete a NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) Learner Driver Logbook,“learner drivers who are aged 25 and over will no longer be required to present a Learner driver log book prior to attempting the driving test.” (RTA - Changes to the Graduated Scheme for Learner Drivers. 19th December 2009)

Are you under 25 years of age?

Geared4Success Driving School is able to offer the RMS’s 3-for-1 Structured Lessons Scheme (3 hours recorded in logbook for every 1 hour lesson - maximum of 10 hours). This allows students (and parents) to reduce the required number of supervised hours of tuition, by using a qualified Driving Instructor for some of the learner driver tuition.

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