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Getting your Learner Licence
Practice Driver Knowledge Test
Road Rules
Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)
Tips from the Testing Officers
Geared -Young Driver website
Provisional P1 Licence
Provisional P2 Licence
Full Licence

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Geared4Success Driving School lesson vacancies are available from the 12th of April onwards.

Lessons may be booked by ringing:-

0423 496 300

A notice re COVID-19 (Coronavirus) procedures.

When giving lessons we will follow good hygiene practices. These are:

  • Washing our hands frequently and thoroughly all day. We carry a hand sanitiser and wipe all car interior surfaces down with a disinfectant product.

We ask all Learner Drivers the following questions:

“Have you experienced flu-like symptoms such as fever, aches, coughs, runny nose or sneezing in the last 5 days?”
“Have you recently travelled from any other country in the last 20 days?”

If yes to either, we advise the Learner Driver that they should reschedule for a later date.

  • We take note of any sneezing or coughing clients and accelerate hygiene practices.
  • We provide portable hand sanitisers and offer them to our lesson clients.

For contact tracing we use the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in App.

Check out the new NSWDTA (Driver Training Association) website.

The Graduated Licensing Scheme operates basically as follows:

The changes are fully displayed on the RMS Centre for Road Safety website

Geared4Success Driving School continues to meet the challenge of helping to develop learner driver skills and attitude to produce safe P-Plate drivers. 

We are now working with High Schools in the local area along with facilitating and coaching in the PCYC Safer Drivers Course.

Routine driving lessons are on offer, along with keys2drive free lessons and we make guest presentations for the Traffic Offenders Intervention Program.

Also we are accredited to assess older drivers. This involves working closely with the Service NSW to deliver coaching and assessment for older drivers.

A handy guide for parents of P-Plate drivers and P-Plate drivers themselves on road safety issues that could arise in the first 6 months of driving is to be found on this useful website Safer P Platers


These lessons assist in producing safe P-Plate drivers. They are 100% obligation free. They are funded by the Australian Government and are available locally through Geared4Success Driving School.

Please note that this program involves a supervising driver also which provides on-going benefits to the learner driver.

If you would like more information and would like to make a booking then you can do that online at the keys2drive website

Recent feedback from a participant:

"Ian ran the session very well. It was good to understand that most accidents for young people happen in the first 1-2 months on their P's. It was really beneficial to sit in the back seat of the car and watch how Ian runs a driver training session. I was also able to clarify a few road rules and we discussed a number of scenarios where it was good to consider more than one correct way to approach driving."

-Alison (Supervising driver) December 2018

University of New South Wales study shows that keys2drive participants are 40% less likely to be involved in a moderate to serious injury crash and 28% less likely to be involved in any type of crash during their first six months of solo driving.

Safer Drivers Course


The next Safer Drivers Course in Young NSW is on Saturday 22 May 2021.

To book online use this link -> PCYC

Watch the PCYC Safer Drivers Course Promotional VIDEO here

How does knocking 40 hours* off your compulsory 120 logbook hour’s sound? Good? Well with the introduction of the Safer Drivers Course for learner drivers it’s possible. *That's 20 hours Safer Drivers Course + 20 hours from Driver Training lessons.

PCYC in partnership with the NSW Driver Trainers Association has "Approved Provider" status for this course from Transport for NSW and the Roads & Maritime Service read more...

This link will provide more info on the Safer Drivers Course for young learner drivers in NSW


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